Principle Investigator
Renjie Zhou, Ph.D
Assistant Professor
Department of Biomedical Engineering
Office Phone: (+852) 3943 0874
Office Address: Room 414, 4/F, Ho Sin Hang Engineering Building

Short biography:  Prof. Renjie Zhou joined CUHK in May 2017. He received PhD in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in 2014. During his doctoral study, he worked on developing optical metrology tools for inspecting semiconductor wafer defects and inverse scattering models for 3D cell imaging. After PhD, he took a postdoc training at the George R. Harrison Spectroscopy Lab at MIT, where he mainly worked on developing novel label-free optical microscopes for cell imaging. Prof. Zhou co-authored 28 journal papers and 20 conference proceedings, presented 18 conference talks or posters, and delivered 18 seminars. Click here for his short CV.  

Mr. TSZ Kam Shing Vincent 
Department of Biomedical Engineering
Office Phone: (+852) 3943 8285Office Address: Room 431, 4/F, Ho Sin Hang Engineering Building

Short biography: Vincent graduated from BME at CUHK 


Research Assistant
Mr. Gang Luo (joining in October 2017)
Department of Biomedical Engineering
BS, Nanchang University; MS, Tianjin University; 

About me: "I am Luo Gang, in 2014 I got my bachelor degree from Nanchang University with a major in Engineering in Measuring and Controlling Technology and Instrument. Then I studied in Tianjin University with a major in Instrument Science and Technology in the subsequent three years and got my master degree in 2017. I am friendly, outgoing, open-mind and diligent. And I like playing basketball, badminton and hiking and so on. My research interests include tunable laser absorption spectrum, interferometric spectroscopy, and bioimaging area."

Research Assistant
Miss Mengxuan Niu (joining in September 2017)
Department of Biomedical Engineering
BS, Tsinghua University

About me: "My name is Niu Mengxuan. I am an outgoing girl from Hebei, China. Personally I like music and drama. In my spare time I often play the Chinese national musical instrument Ruan and sometimes I enjoy watching American TV Series. In terms of professional, my major in the university is the measurement and control of technology and equipment.I have mainly studied the courses in aspects of optical, mechanical and electrical . I have done some research on laser technology, and I have been studying optical strain sensors and their applications for some time. I am very interested in microscopic imaging and holographic storage and glad to study some parts of the biomedical engineering." 

Co-advised student at Zhejiang University
Miss Cheng Zheng 
Department of Optical Engineering
BS, Zhejiang University

About me: My name is Cheng Zheng, a master student majored in optical engineering at Zhejiang University. I got my bachelor degree from Zhejiang University. My research interest includes quantitative phase imaging and super resolution imaging. I am jointly supervised by Prof. Renjie Zhou on quantitative phase imaging and we have done many work together. Recently I am working on solving inverse problems in microscopy with optimization algorithms to achieve super resolution.