Electrical and computer Engineering, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (Ph.D, GPA 4.00/4.00)

Spring 2013
Done with classes!

Fall 2012
ECE547    Topics in Image Processing - Prof. Thomas Huang
ECE444    IC device Theory & Fabrication - Prof. James Coleman 

Spring 2012
ECE540    Computational Electromagnetics - Prof. Jianming Jin
ECE564    Modern Light Microscopy - Prof. Gabriel Popescu 

Fall 2011
ECE572    Quantum optoelectronisc - Prof. Kent Choquette
ECE498LG  Principles of Experimental Research - Prof. Lynford Goddard 

College of Optical Sciences, University of Arizona (M.S, 4.00/4.00)

Spring 2011
OPTI505R    Diffraction and interferometry - Prof. Tom D. Milster
OPTI511R    Optical Physics & Lasers (3) - Prof. R. Jason Jones 
OPTI536      Introduction to Image Science (3) - Profs. Harrison H. Barret, Arthur Gmitro, and Lars R. Furenlid  

Fall 2010
OPTI500A    Photonics Communications Engineering  - Prof. Alan Khost, and collaborators from CIAN
OPTI500B    Photonics Communications Engineering - Prof. Alan Khost, and collaborators from CIAN
OPTI500C    Photonics Communications Engineering - Prof. Alan Khost, and collaborators from CIAN
OPTI501      Electro-magnetic waves  - Prof. Masud Mansuripur
OPTI507      Solid State Optics  - Prof. Rolf Binder
Electro-optics Program, University of Dayton (M.S, 3.92/4.00)
Fall 2009
EOP543L    Advanced Electro-optics Lab  - Prof. Qiwen Zhan
EOP665     Polarization of light  - Prof. Qiwen Zhan
Summer 2009
EOP542L   Electro-optics System Lab  - Prof. Andrew Sarangan 
Sping 2009
EOP505    Introduction-Lasers   - Prof. Qiwen Zhan   
EOP506    Electro-optics Device & Systems  - Prof. Andrew Sarangan
EOP514    Guided-wave theory  - Profs. Bradley Duncan and Joseph Haus
EOP541L  Geometry & Physics Optics Lab  - Prof. Bradley Duncan
Fall 2008
EOP501    Geometric optics  - Prof. Qiwen Zhan
EOP502    Optical radiation & Matter  - Prof. Peter Powers
EOP513    Linear system & Fourier optics  - Prof. Bradley Duncan  

Opto-electronics department, Huazhong University of Science and Technology (B.S)

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