Welcome to the Laser Metrology and Biomedicine (LAMB) Group at The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK). Our group works on advancing optical techniques for solving complex biomedical problems to improve human life. Currently, we focus on building label-free optical imaging systems for long-term live cell imaging and mapping cell functional activities. Specifically, we are developing advanced optical diffraction tomography techniques and novel high sensitivity interferometric microscopy systems.   

LAMB, as a growing group, has multiple openings for graduate students to join in Fall 2018 with full financial support (~ 16,000 HK$ monthly stipend). Exceptional candidates are also highly encouraged to apply for the prestigious Hong Kong PhD Fellowship Scheme (HKPFS) before December 1 of this year (consult with Prof. Zhou before applying; click here for more information). Awardees of the HKPFS will be provided a monthly stipend of 20,000 HK$ and a conference travel allowance of 10,000 HK$ per year. We also constantly look for exceptional postdocs and short-term researchers. Should you choose to join LAMB@CUHK, you will work on high impact interdisciplinary research work ranging from optics and mechanics to biology and medicine. Positioned for world-leading cutting-edge research, LAMB group has collaborations with world-leading research institutes such as MIT, UIUC, Johns Hopkins, UConn, and Zhejiang U. Prof. Zhou will support students and researchers for academic exchanges with collaborating institutes. If you have an interest in joining our group, please do not hesitate to contact the group leader Prof. Renjie Zhou at rjzhou at cuhk dot edu dot hk with your CV and a short introduction to facilitate our communication.       



  • Call for papers on Novel Metamaterial Applications and the Related Metrology Advances at the 39th Progress in Electromagnetics Research Symposium (PIERS). The conference will be held on 19-22 November, 2017 in Singapore. The conference official website: http://piers.org/piers2017Singapore/session.php. We welcome you to submit abstract to our focus session. The deadline is July 20 2017. 
  • Our review on "Tomographic phase microscopy: principles and applications in bioimaging [Invited]"  in JOSA B was again the second most downloaded paper in JOSA B in May 2017. June 17, 2017
  • Our review on "Tomographic phase microscopy: principles and applications in bioimaging [Invited]"  in JOSA B was the second most downloaded paper in JOSA B in April 2017. May 24, 2017
  • Dr. Renjie Zhou joined the Chinese University of Hong Kong from MIT as an Assistant Professor. May 15 2017 
  • Our review on "Tomographic phase microscopy: principles and applications in bioimaging [Invited]" in JOSA B was the selected as the editor’s pick. Editor's Picks serve to highlight articles with excellent scientific quality and are representative of the work taking place in a specific field. May 3, 2017
  • Two new papers published this week! One is an invited review on Tomographic Phase Microscopy: Principles and Applications in Bioimaging piblished in JOSB B. The other one is on Digital micromirror device-based common-path quantitative phase imaging published in Optics Letter. April 5, 2017. 
  • Dr. Zhou gave a Modern Optics and Spectroscopy (MOS) seminar at MIT. His talk was on Tomographic Phase Microscopy: a label-free platform for 3D imaging of cells. March 7, 2017
  • Our first startup competition entered the semi-final at SPIE Startup Challenge 2017 at Photonics West. Our pitch was on Portable Precision Profilometer. January 31, 2017  
  • Our recent paper on "Modeling the depth-sectioning effect in reflection-mode dynamic speckle-field interferometric microscopy" published in Optics Express. January 4, 2017
  • Dr. Zhou gave a colloquium to Frontiers of Optics at Zhejiang University. His talk was on Quantitative Phase Microscopy: a label-free platform for material metrology and biological imaging. January 3, 2017


  • Dr. Zhou gave an invited talk on "Pushing the instrument limits in Quantitative Phase Imaging" to iOptics, the Photonics/Optics student chapter at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. November 4, 2016

  • Dr. Zhou gave invited talks to Tsinghua University (July 8), Zhejiang Normal University (July 27), and Tianjin University (June 20) in China. July 27, 2016

  • Dr. Zhou delivered an invited talk on "Quantitative phase microscopy: a label-free platform for biomedical imaging" to Connecticut Children's Medical Center, University of Connecticut School of Medicine department of pediatrics. May 17, 2016

  • Dr. Zhou received a second recognition for quality journal review, Optical Society of America, May 10, 2016

  • Our paper "Diffraction phase microscopy: principles and applications in materials and life sciences" is one of the 10 Most Cited Articles in Advances in Optics and Photonics (AOP) over the past two years. April 12, 2016

  • Our paper "Diffraction phase microscopy: monitoring nanoscale dynamics in materials science [Invited]" is one of the 15 Most Cited Articles in Applied Optics over the past two years. March 22, 2016

  • Our paper "Solving inverse scattering problems in biological samples by quantitative phase imaging" is one of the Most Accessed Articles in Laser & Photonics Reviews in February 2016. March 1, 2016

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