Research interests
  • Bio-photonics and bio-imaging
  • Optical interferometric imaging
  • Quantitative phase imaging 
  • Optical diffraction tomography 
  • Solving inverse scattering problem
  • Developing new laser 

Research highlights
  • Digital micromiror device based imaging


        C. Kuang et al, "Digital micromirror device-based laser-illumination Fourier ptychographic microscopy," Opt. Express 23, 26999-27010 (2015)

  • Quantitative phase imaging


         B. Bhaduri et al., "Diffraction phase microscopy: principles and applications in materials and life sciences,” Adv. Opt. Photon. 6, 57-119 (2014)

  • Optical tomography


  • T. Kim*, R. Zhou*, et al., “White light diffraction tomography of unlabelled live cells,” Nat. Photon. 8, 256-263 (2014)

  • Semiconductor wafer defect inspection

             R. Zhou, et al., "Detecting 20 nm Wide Defects in Large Area Nanopatterns Using Optical Interferometric Microscopy", Nano Letters 13 (8), 3716-3721 (2013)
  • Fiber laser gas sensing

             R. Zhou et al., “CO2 sensing with a 2005 nm thulium holmium co-doped fiber laser,” Optical Sensors, OSA Technical Digest (online), paper STh2B.4 (2012).

  • Q-switched fiber laser


              R. Zhou et al., "Transform-Limited, Injection Seeded, Q-Switched, Ring Cavity Fiber Laser,” J. Lightwave Technol. 30, 2589-2595 (2012)

  • All fiber based phase-locked fiber laser using Talbot self-imaging effect

R. Zhou et al., “Phase-locked multi-fiber laser using all fiber Talbot self-imaging resonator,” J. Europ. Opt. Soc. Rap. Public. 7, 12012 (2012).

  • Cylindrical vector beams

    R. Zhou et al.
    , “Fiber Laser Generating Switchable Radially and Azimuthally Polarized Beams with 140 mW Output Power at 1.6 µm Wavelength,” Appl. Phys. Lett. 95, 191111(2009)

  • Gain-guided optical fiber for mode-locked fiber lasers 

Self-focusing in Gain guided fiber

Self-phase modulation in Gain guided fiber

R. Zhou et al.
, “Self-phase modulation effects and pulse propagation in gain-guided fibers,” J. Europ. Opt. Soc. Rap. Public. 4, 09051 (2009).

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