Co-advised student at Zhejiang University; Pursuing PhD at MIT

Miss Cheng Zheng 
Department of Optical Engineering 
B.S, Zhejiang University, 2015
M.S., Zhejiang University, 2018

About me: My name is Cheng Zheng, a master student majored in optical engineering at Zhejiang University. I got my bachelor degree from Zhejiang University. My research interest includes quantitative phase imaging and super resolution imaging. I am jointly supervised by Prof. Renjie Zhou on quantitative phase imaging and we have done many work together. Recently I am working on solving inverse problems in microscopy with optimization algorithms to achieve super resolution.

To Pursue PhD study 

Mr. Gang Luo, Junior Research Assistant (08/11/2017-31/07/2018)
Department of Biomedical Engineering
B.S., Nanchang University; MS, Tianjin University;

About me: "I am Luo Gang, in 2014 I got my bachelor degree from Nanchang University with a major in Engineering in Measuring and Controlling Technology and Instrument. Then I studied in Tianjin University with a major in Instrument Science and Technology in the subsequent three years and got my master degree in 2017. I am friendly, outgoing, open-mind and diligent. And I like playing basketball, badminton and hiking and so on. My research interests include tunable laser absorption spectrum, interferometric spectroscopy, and bioimaging area."